Effective Medication

Symptom relief is much more than smoking good weed! 

In this course we will discover which cannabis best aids your conditions. We will pick your ideal Cannabinoids, Strains, Terpenes and method of medication! Make sure to bring plenty of questions; there is so much to learn! 


Professional-Grade Medical Edibles are just a step away!  

This course teaches the distinct benefits obtained from various infused products. Learn to make tinctures, brownies, capsules, sauces, drinks, sprays, and much more. Let's medicate your favorite recipe! It's really amazing, what can be created.

Cultivation (Legal + MMP)

Your very own Cannabis. Straight from the source.
Learn how to produce clean, potent, flavorful, reliable, beautiful cannabis at home. Most folks are not successful with their first cannabis crops; let's give you an advantage! We'll help you obtain seeds, equiptment, setup your grow room and stay within the law! Having an efficient cannabis garden provides an endless sea of delighting rewards.

* $100 for VT Residents and $140 for MA Residents
- Two Hour Sessions - 

Medical Program Applications

Obtaining your Medical Marijuana Patient Card can seem scary!
This course identifies a clear path between you and your MMP Card. We will help you designate a Qualifying Condition, fill out paperwork and find you a doctor. You'll become more comfortable talking about Medical Marijuana with physicians.

* Recieve one FREE Cultivation Consultation after we help you register!

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